Reflection Point: Icons

Icons are everywhere in our everyday life. We cannot even notice that we are already used to read and understand icons. I gonna walk around my flat to see how many icons I could find except my smartphone and computer.


There are 2 buttons on the oven- Temperature and Time. They look very similar to the icons that we see on digital devices. I found that with those icons going with the text labels, it is easier to get the message quickly and start operating the oven for first-time users.

Sonos speaker

The icons for speakers are very clean and simple. The very first time that I played with it, I wondered what the 4 dots meant. I once thought that they mean the next song and the previous song initially. Instead, they are the volume controller. If I have the chance to design the buttons, I would add the next and previous buttons as well so that I do not have to do it via my phone.

PS4 wireless controller

This is the item that I found with most icons. Frankly, I do not understand all of them since I am not a frequent user. There is not much labeling except the Right/Left and Options buttons. Those 4 buttons on the left are directional buttons. Those 4 on the right actually serve different functions according to the setting of individual games.

Washing instructions of clothes

This is the very first time I read through the washing instruction labels since I usually ignore them or even cut them away. I actually only understand a few of them. In the absence of written instructions underneath, it is actually very difficult for users to understand them all.

I am surprised to figure out that there are a bunch of them and I have learnt a lot from scanning through the icon list below. I guess this diagram shall be placed somewhere in the laundry room in order to grab the information whenever needed.

UX/UI Designer