Before I join Designlab (design bootcamp), I have already heard from other friends who work in the IT industry that Figma is a nice tool to collaborate and easy to hand off design work to software developers. I believe collaboration is very essential on a daily basis since designers are…

Icons are everywhere in our everyday life. We cannot even notice that we are already used to read and understand icons. I gonna walk around my flat to see how many icons I could find except my smartphone and computer.


There are 2 buttons on the oven- Temperature and…


I am a loyal customer to since the introduction of free shipping to Hong Kong when you spend over US$49.00 on eligible items. The price is affordable and the shipping is fast which takes around 1 week on average. Apart from the US site, I also purchase goods…

What is KMB?
-KMB is a bus company operating franchised services in Hong Kong
-The largest bus company in Hong Kong by fleet size and number of bus routes
-As of Oct 2019, KMB operates a fleet of 4073 buses and 642 routes in Kowloon and the New Territories

To… app landing page app landing page

Over the past two decades, online travel booking has emerged and totally changed the way travelers plan and book their flights and accommodation. I am an active user of this travel booking platform especially when I worked as a cabin crew a few years ago. I booked all my accommodations…


UX/UI Designer

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